Inception Story

The school was started through the inspiration kindled by a pious lady, Mrs. Asha Dey, who happened to address the members in a Rotary meeting on the Management of Deaf in USA. Towards the end of her talk she very sarcastically exhorted the Rotarians by telling them that it is they who are blind and deaf who inspite of having eyes cannot read the eyes of these innocent children expecting love and affection from them. Those children are not deaf, but the people are deaf who do not listen to their cry for compassion. These sarcastic words were enough to move and kindle the spark in the hearts of many Rotarians and that is how the school became a reality.

To begin with, the school had only 4 children and Mrs. Dey was the first Honorary Principal of the School. It was a treat to see her teaching those children with her lip signs and gracious movements of the body. Today there are 110 students on Roll. It is a recognised Primary School and students are taking exams conducted by Haryana Board of Secondary Education. Of late, more than 6 students are appearing in the matriculation examination conducted by Indira Gandhi National Open University.

The school provides training to students in crafts, painting, drawing, tailoring, and embroidary. More than 100 students have joined the main national stream after completing studies and are earning their livelihood leading an independent happy life. Some of them have joined their parents in business and are useful members of their family.

These students have brought laurels to the school and the teachers almost every year by winning positions and trophies from District, State, as well as National level events in sports, games, and cultural events. Pavitra Dham has got its own school building as well as a hostel for 20 students constructed by the funds raised by the Rotarians amongst themselves. It is always a pleasure to see small and innocent children receiving education in the school and being in the hostel with a warden and Aya who is also deaf. They keep their hostel so clean that it touches you and one really feels that divinity lies in cleanliness.

In the end I have no hesitation to say that these children have provided us Rotarians eyes and ears to look and listen otherwise we were blind and deaf in spite of the eyes and ears.

As Told By Dr. Jai Dev