Dr. Ashawant Gupta, President (Rotary Welfare Society for Deaf)

Dr. Gupta is the president of Rotary Welfare Society for Deaf. He has over 20 years of experience in Industry, Research, and Teaching. He received BE degree in Electrical Engineering from MSRIT, Bangalore in 1989 and MS and Ph.D. degree in 1991 and 1997, respectively, both in Microelectronics, from Santa Clara University, California, USA, and wrote an award winning Master’s Thesis (Ross Tucker Master’s Memorial Award in 1991) from the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers. He has published and presented over 20 papers in international journals and conferences. Before joining mdi, Dr. Gupta worked as a Researcher/Engineer at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Santa Clara, California, USA.

Mrs. Shally Gupta, Director

Mrs. Shally Gupta was born into a reputed trading family in Ambala City. She received a bachelor’s degree from MDSD Girls’ College, Ambala City, and a master’s in English from Kurukshetra University. In 1995, she married Dr. Ashawant Gupta and they lived in California, USA, for a couple of years before returning to their hometown. They now live in an extended joint family with uncles, aunts, cousins, and their families.

They have two children. Daughter Abheepsa has a master’s degree in stem cells from the University of Minnesota, USA. After working for a biotech company in California, USA, for a couple of years, Abheepsa has returned to India and is involved in the family business. Son Samarpan is pursuing BBA at Texas A&M University, USA.

Mrs. Gupta, along with her children, keenly participates in various social service projects. From 2011 to 2015, she was actively involved in the India Against Corruption movement. She also assists her husband in the management of the Rotary Ambala Cancer and General Hospital.

Mrs. Gupta is a past president of Inner Wheel Club Ambala and was declared Golden President of the District. Her pet project is to improve the standard of education in government schools. She spends time at a local government school. She also teaches needy students at home in the evening; presently, she has over 20 students studying.

As the Director of Pavitradham Rotary School for the Deaf, Mrs. Gupta has learned basic sign language and teaches alphabets and numbers to hearing-impaired children.

CA A.D Gandhi, Finance Secretary

CA A.D Gandhi is the senior most Chartered Accountant in Ambala. He is associated with a large number of social, and professional organizations. He is associated with our school since its inception and has been taking a special interest in grooming and mentoring young students to become successful chartered accountants.

Hearing Screening and Distribution of Hearing Aids Camp was organized on March 30-31, 2021

On Day 1 of the Hearing Screening and distribution of Hearing Aids camp: Approximately 100 persons including the students of Rotary School for Deaf (Pavitradham) got Hearing Aids free of cost.

On Day 2 of Hearing Screening and distribution of Hearing Aids Camp: Approximately 150 patients with hearing problems were given hearing aids free of cost.

Out of approximately 300 registrations, which were there for the Hearing Screening tests. 251 patients were provided hearing aids free of cost and the rest were screened and tested. It was mentioned in their report that they don’t require Hearing Aid.

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